Vikki Morrison - Testimonials

Vikki Morrison has been by exclusive real estate agent since 1995 and Tom has been working with Vikki, my wife and me for the past year.

Vikki initially helped me to sell a home in Long Beach in 1995 and then purchase a home in Huntington Beach that same year. Since that time, we have had multiple other real estate transactions that have all been successful. In addition, I have referred quite a number of colleagues and friends to Vikki and they have all been more than satisfied with her professionalism and work. In fact, I think that most of her clientele are past clients and people referred to her by her past clients. There are a number of qualities that separate Vikki Morrison (and now also her partner Tom) from other real estate agents. She is completely honest and trustworthy and when searching for a home to purchase, she will give her honest opinions on the positives and negatives about a home and not just try to make a sale for the commission. When selling a home, she will price the home fairly and goes out of her way to stage the home to make a successful sale. She actually has a warehouse of “staging furniture and house items” that she uses to stage some of her client’s homes for a successful sale. Many people charge tens of thousands of dollars for a proper staging and Vikki actually staged my latest successful home sale and didn’t charge me a penny. There were quite a number of homes at our price range (around $2 million) this summer and most of the other homes were taken off the market, are still languishing for sale or were sold at drastically reduced prices. Vikki (and now Tom as well) just somehow are able to find the buyers and make a successful sale and it’s not surprising that Vikki is one of the most successful residential real estate agents in Orange County history. In summary, Vikki and Tom are completely reliable, successful, trustworthy and a joy to work with and we recommend them with the highest possible enthusiasm and with no reservations what so ever.

Bill K and Vanessa G

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